I Can't Escape

I Can't Escape is an creepy and scary 3d horror game developed by David
I Can't Escape has been developed by David & Natalie Maletz
You find yourself trapped inside what it seams to be an underground cave. Explore the maze and search for an way out.

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Game Reviews

This game is impossible!! :@ Like if you agree?!
LV 1Crazy_Mel_x(6 years ago)
Five stars for name accuracy.
LV 6Jenk(6 years ago)
Ain't nobody got time fo' this !
LV 2Aesthetic(6 years ago)
The end is in the title! You can't escape! Every time you get close to the lader going to the light a ghost makes you fall! In the end your in nearly pitch black with 4 locked doors all around! NO ESCAPE! So avoid the ghost and if it is getting darker then your getting more and more small chances of escaping!
LV 3TheGhost(6 years ago)
i like people who are hating on this game but all u rlly need to do is fall down those black holes in the ground follow the naked man lol
LV 1thedarkdescent(6 years ago)
Haha, accurate name.
LV 4SHRIEK19(6 years ago)
Acurate name.
LV 1Sosthene(6 years ago)
stupid deamond ill kill you
LV 5SwiftBombzz(6 years ago)
it really make my heart go *thump! thump!*
LV 7Sweetcakes27(6 years ago)
The hair behind my neck stood as I kept on expecting something to pop out in front of me when the darkness almost engulfed everything and you can barely see anything. Fitting title for a fitting end.
LV 6Loyang(6 years ago)
ain't nobody got time fo this -_-
LV 5riddlegirl009(6 years ago)
you really cant escape
LV 1LMAOUDIED9914(6 years ago)
LV 1Afterlife(5 years ago)
frigin maze, i can't escape!
LV 7YesmanSam(6 years ago)