Hide Hart

Hide Hart is an rpg thriller game developed by Courtney Calle
Hide Hart has been developed by Courtney Calle
Jacob Miller, a mentally unstable and incredibly dangerous criminal is on the loose and on the radio they mentioned that last time he was seen was near the university campus where you study. An rpg game that allows the player to unveil different aspects of story based on his choices. The game features 4 different endings.
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Game Reviews

I don't know how many endings there are. But i found like 4 endings and items i'm not sure what to do with. like the floss from the bathroom.
LV 1KenzieAce(12 days ago)
A deadly game.
LV 5Geminate(14 days ago)
I couldn't get out of the vent systems lmao.
LV 1monochromekiss(14 days ago)
IDK why but im not good at pikel games
LV 3ruby(16 days ago)
please dis like my comment *wink wink*
LV 3ruby(16 days ago)