Heritage is an windows compatible freeware horror game with great atmosphere and puzzles developed by BLF Games
printscreen for Heritage game
printscreen for Heritage game
printscreen for Heritage game
printscreen for Heritage game
Why is that we always yearn childhood memories when we lost someone? Why those memories become painful nightmares when we lost someone? That is how I'm feeling, yearning those beautiful moments lived in her house, a woman so wise. Wisdom that is only kept in my memory, after she past away three days ago. It's time to abandon these confusing thoughts and return to that place, her house. So full of memories and knowledge, questions....Perhaps I will finally find inner peace.
Heritage has been developed by BLF Games & SmokeStudio

Game Reviews

And as always no one gives a f... about your 1st comments as long as they're not something helpful or useful. Great game btw
great game the chair scared the crap out of me. i shall wait till morning to play the rest o:
Imma go try the game hope its Scary >:3 And fun ofcourse :3
Gotta make more games which involves good storyline. This is one of them.
Padlock combo for the shed. Is 1-Blank 2-Line 3-Dot 4-2d Square and the fifth slot is the 3d square.
this game is coll
I loved the game, slightly confusing at points, but then I pulled my brain out of ......Yeh, and finally actually THOUGHT on how to do it, and solved some riddles. Also its a very fun game, <3 Loved it. Thank you for making the game!! It was scary, the skeleton scared the crap out of me. The ending was awesome. 5/5 stars for this game!!
It was a pretty cool game, but I had experienced some glitches and so forth. I did like some of the puzzles and the atmosphere was great.
this game is a very fun and addicting thriller type of game in my opinion and my friend Isaiah will like it for sure! this is the type of game that I will play all of the time for sure! <3 it!!
Whats the pad code?
i need help! i'm done downloading the game but when i played it there's a rain thingy on the screen with those pink squares and it wont stop. T_T Helpppp...
how do you stary to play the game so far all iam done is watch pitcher