Hellvolution Outbreak

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Hellvolution Outbreak is an shooter game with zombies developed by GamesNitro
Hellvolution Outbreak has been developed by GamesNitro
Armageddon is underway! Are you able to survive the attack of the zombies with their onslaught? You will need to be a awesome sharp shooter to be able to tell the tale...
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Game Reviews

so aesy and cool
LV 1lucy_venus(5 years ago)
LV 3funnyeye(5 years ago)
soso game.. im first! yay ^_^
LV 1(8 years ago)
it ok i ike the graphics though
LV 4agodfrey(8 years ago)
add me :)
LV 1(8 years ago)
LV 9rapid99(8 years ago)
ring ring* *click* hello? WELL WOAH IS ME! i didnt know that.. really? oh my, i cant belive- no way! did you tell them that? i dont think thats the right way to say it, i think you should say it more like...well i know,its hard to deside, but it will all work out in the end... ... ... ok ok i get it, they dont undersatand.. ok do this, tell them-... WHY DO YOU KEEP TALKING WHILE IM IN THE MIDDLE OF TELLING YOU SOMETHI-... ok im done you dont need my help,... no im not ganna help you, you can fix this on your own,YOUR SMART YOU DONT NEED ME- ok ok fine, tell them your going to go to lunch and we'll talk it thruogh over subway... ok..yes, ok i get it...ok buh bye! *click* *gets dress, runs to car* well we shall listen to the radio, *press* *LOUD MUSIC* NOOOOO!!!!!!! NOT LOUD MUSIC! *PRESS* ok...we wont do the radio, *drives to subway*....dude! *runs to table*... ok tell me everything that has happended and then we'll work it out from there, -dude speaking- ok well when i got there they told me that i needed a pass, but the man who refered me told me if i tell them his name i can get in, so i said his name, bob marley, they didnt believe me,so i told them he refered me, they still didnt belive me, then i tried to just burst my way past and they didnt even move! i got banned from the lot about 30 mins later,and thats when i called you.. what do i do?!?-me speaking- well.....*puts cape on, stands on cliff, wind blowing at me* WE SHALL FIGHT FOR OUR RIGHT!! i got a plan *sits back down* we first need to go buy some fake mustaches,and a cowboy hat and boots,then we'll put on our desqize im our cars on seprate lots, then we'll get walky talkys and when i say go, we walk up to them and we say we are the f.b.i. and we need to investigate... -dude speaking- but the f.b.i. people wear black suits,and badges..there never ganna believe us...-me speaking .... .... ... your right,..we'll also buy a fake cop badge from dallar general! LET US GO TAKE OUR STAND!!! *gets everything we need for the plan,drives to my side of the lot...*... GOOOOOOO!!!!! *walks up to the gaurds...* we are former members of the f.b.i. and we need to take a look inside this here place to make sure these people are behaving... now if you'll excuse us... *walks past gaurds,walks into the double doors,* WHAT?!?? I CANT BELIEVE IT! I SPENT ALL THIS TIME AND ALL THIS MONEY JUST TO GET HERE AND IT BE CLOSED... -dude talking- its ok, we tried out best...i guess we tried alittle to hard...-me speaking- but...bit..* crys* i wanned my v.i.p. salad!!...this is so lame....* walks back to car....-------- the end
LV 8boogeymangirl(8 years ago)
its okay
LV 1(8 years ago)
YAY 5TH game looks stupid
LV 1(8 years ago)
yay im 6th
LV 1(8 years ago)