Haunted The Trapped Soul

Haunted The Trapped Soul is an creepy adventure game developed by SmallFarm Studio
Haunted The Trapped Soul has been developed by SmallFarm Studio
In this creepy point-n-click adventure game you play as a worker who was lost in the forest. Your main objectives are collecting the items and solving the puzzle to escape and not to be killed by the ghost. There are more than one ending, hope you can enjoy the game.
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Game Reviews

click on the table and take handkerchief and the note (IF you want you can take the xmas card that is on bookshelf)now its a little bit hard to find but near the bookshelf there are some boxes just move your mouse slowly near the boxes and you will see an arrow click on it and take the battery ... when you get the battery don't go back use the handkerchief on the wall (click on handkerchief and hold your click and move it around the wall until it says that there is something missing [but you must clean it very good])then go back and use the chair to get up on the bookshelf (click on the chair and hold the click and drag it to the bookshelf then you will see an arrow up on the bookshelf and click on it)get the plate and go back.... okay now its very hard but you can do it .. you must use the crowbar to drag the table to the left side of the room (choose crowbar and click and hold your click under the shelfs of the table and slowly drag it to the left)when you do this you will see a gray little door with numbers .. just press in this order II , V , IV (only those three in this order and it will open)get the key and note .. go back and click on the arrow that is at the right side of the room until you see the TV the door the clock and the broom .. , near the broom there is a flashlight pick it up..use the key you have on the door and enter room..(here is the creepy boy again)take the note near the pillows click on the shelf that is on the wall (again that Bastar*d)open it and take note and battery (now i think is the hardest part of the game the piano) the piano is on the bed take it open first little gray thing and put in the batteries close it and press red button now the hard part it goes like this [fifth black , third white , sixteenth white , sixth black , first white , seventh black , sixth white..] then the second gray thing opens and it has a key take it leave the piano and turn right until you see the calendar and the window (its hard to see but)there is a tpe recorder on the pillows if you cant find it click everywhere near the pillows until you get it .. then turn right and you will see two doors and a closet click on the closet and open it there is a big black box inside with many numbers press them in this order horizontal first row press the first,third and fourth .....second row press third row press first on fourth row press first on fifth row press third (if it wont open try it vertically like this first row first third fourth , second row nothing 3rd row first second fifth 4th row first and 5th row nothing)take the stuff that you will find inside the box then go back to the 2 doors
HOW DO I GET THE LIGHTS ON???? O_O Someone, please help!!!!
but you can go to y o u tu be and see walkthrough
can someone help me with the clock and zodiac signs
How to turn on the electricity: 1. Go inside the house pick up the cables near the broom 2. Put 1 cable near the switch ( still in the house ) 3. Go outside to the generator ( on your left ) 4. Put 1 cable in that thing idk. 5. Press the second and fifth ( 2,5 ) bar/line idk. You're welcome.
no one of the experts here who had finished this game..bodered to ..say to others...how the damn you pASS THE electricity?:|
Learned this the hard way: If you want to go for the hard badge (Killing Miki) you want to do this: Collect the rib from the skeleton outside the triple-locked door, take the skull off the skeleton, put the tape recorder to the wall and press the side button (If you don't, Miki will know you're there and immediately kill you.) then go in. Get the Clopper (It's around the bottom left corner) and the shoelace and combine the rib, the shoelace, and the clopper and you'll get a hatchet. Be quick, too, or he will soon take notice that you are there and once again, kill you. Then, take the hatchet and kill Miki. Hope that helped! :)
Pretty disappointed by this game. It totally pulled me out of the atmosphere with the grammar mistakes in the notes and the frustrating puzzles, i.e. the zodiac thing.
Here's a tip CyShock...before trying to move the desk, get the handkerchief and go between the two boxes and clean the dust from the wall...after that you can easily move the desk by moving the mouse on the left downside of the desk...just click and drag...and voila. You own me a beer or two :P
ok this is the best scaru game ever i like the ending somebody there will hear a walktrhough not so long
the code to the gernerater is the 2nd button and then 3 bottons down it should look like this !=on 1=off 1!111!1
where is the generator?
where the heck is the genarator!!!
My Scary Game rating 6 out of 10 not to scary but however it did have blood writing on the wall, a Ghost, Skeleton and a Creepy sounding Cosset. But None of that's to bad any normal player will be able to take this game. I never expected however to find the boy alive how ever in his little toy room. Plus it is a VERY HARD game to figure out by yourself. How ever once you figure it out its a fun game and it has a pretty good story to back it up.