Goliath the sooth sayer

Goliath the sooth sayer is an horror escape game developed by Ben Leffler
Goliath the sooth sayer has been developed by Ben Leffler
Escape the prison and find a way to release yourself and your brother's soul from the bandage of evil. Somewhere in this house, the answer awaits for you.
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Click on the pocket of the coat, get prayer card. Go to the other end of the attic. Get the rope from underneath the chest. Open the middle drawer of the chest and get the crucifix. Look on top of the chest. Use the rope with hook to combine the two items. Go back to where you woke up in the attic. Use the combined rope and hook on the gap above the door. Play around with the rope by moving left and right to "fish" for the doorknob from the other end. Once this is accomplished, and you hear a noise that signals that the door has been opened, click the doorknob to open the door. Proceed down the stairs. Click the lightswitch on the left side of the screen. Click on the hallway that leads to the master bedroom and bathroom. The bathroom is not necessary, but it gives you a hint for later. Enter the bathroom. Turn on the faucet. It will cloud the mirror, telling you to look for what is not there, rather than what is there. This refers to the alarm clock in the bedroom...Enter the bedroom.Get the statue of Shiva on the left. Click on the switch for the lamps. It is located in the middle of the power cord below the window. Get the "Love" note on the right side of the bed. Get the alarm clock on the right side of the screen. A four-digit number can be read on it by looking at the spaces that are NOT lit up. This number is the password for the computer diary in the office. Go back to the main hallway and enter the office. Get the "Murder" note on the rightmost printer. Turn on the computer and read the diary after inputting the password from the alarm clock. It is necessary to read this in order to finish the game, and it is important for the story and setting. Go back to the main hallway. Enter the door on the right that closed by itself. Wait for the weird stuff to happen, then switch on the lamp on the right side of the room.Get the Qur'an on the small table on the right. Continue on downstairs. Turn up the lamp. Enter the loungeroom. Get the shofar and the Buddha statue (in the middle and next to the TV) Return to the hallway. Enter the linen closet. Get the Ema (prayer board) and the "Lust" note. Notice that the closet lights up. Click on it. Get the key. Click on the safe. If you got all three notes, you notice that each word (Love, Lust, Murder) is written inside a shape (Heart, Square, Circle). On the safe, these shapes are inscribed in that order, so go ahead and input the numbers that correspond to the letters LOVELUSTMURDER. Those numbers are 56835878687337. Access is granted, and you get the Soothsayer.Go back to the hallway and use the key on the locked door. Two endings, take your pick: 1.Use the Soothsayer with the Ouija Divining Glass in the middle of the kitchen (bad idea!) or... 2.Go out to the backyard and click on the pre-dug hole.
LV 2emiigems(6 years ago)
How to get out of the attic : Find a hook ontop of the chest and look for the rope underneath, then combine them and go back to the door, take out the rope-hook and click above the door start to sway left and right untill you hear a sound and get out. :)
LV 1(6 years ago)
I like that everyone says that this game isnt scary at all. They just wont admit that they were shitting they're pants, from the beginning to the end. But i like the story though, because i believe in the same thing. There are greater powers looking over us. what do you guys think?
LV 1(8 years ago)
how the hell do u get outta the attic? if i find out i"ll leave a comment fo yoo pl that still need the help too :3 add meh :). i can help with most of the other scary games. ive played almost everyone :)
LV 1(8 years ago)
guys the passcode is different every time
LV 5dark333(6 years ago)
This game is OK.... Add me plzz (:
LV 1(7 years ago)
i love point and click horror games and this game good
LV 19TooLate77(6 years ago)
hehehe ask google not us
LV 1(7 years ago)
send this on 5 game comments then log off then log in then press f5 and you well get 1000 points
LV 3gustavoBADAZZZ(7 years ago)
i don't want to read the diary on the computer... :(
LV 1Jerico(5 years ago)