Ghostscape 3D

Ghostscape 3D is an 3d horror adventure game developed by PsionicGames
Ghostscape 3D has been developed by PsionicGames
Escape the hunted house in this creepy point and click adventure game in 3d. The game features lots of jumpscares so make sure to put a fresh pair of underwear.
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Game Reviews

Oh my god! I have been so looking forward to this game after the first 2, I strongly recommend you play this game and the other games Ghostscape and Ghostscape 2 the cabin! This is really good, having all the neccserary elements of horror.
finally, they made a ghostscape 3!
Wow it is Ghostscape 3D, awesome! It's been a while since I haven't played a game so addictive...If you like this game rate it 5, it really deserve it!
getting excited about it, and suddenly you realize that you can't play it via chrome browser WTF? -_-
i really like this game :o)
Not bad, but how do you place the last obsidian stone?
I can't figure out what to do with the head in the fridge like wtf. I clicked it so many time and the stupid thing wont pick it the f up.
Was challenging, but it wasn't hard.
ıts really amazing game ever
Found a glitch? hover over the bookcase in the basement while you look upon the pentacle and you can go right through it. Quiet a funny find I do say.
The head in the fridge explodes after poking it so much don't think it counts for the 5 bodies you have to photograph
In all honesty, the game is nice and all, but it isn't really as scary as people have been saying it is. It has cheap jump scares and it is VERY predictable. Sorry, but it just really isn't that good of a game. I feel like it could have been made better. :/
Awesome game, got to use your gray matter!!