Free Icecream

Free Icecream is an creepy puzzle developed by Groep
Free Icecream has been developed by Groep, Brian Van Bruggen, Dennis Haak, David Kamerman, Peter Groeneweg & Martijn Kors
You, a little girl, end up in a creepy cellar after being promised free ice cream. Escape from the house without being caught by the insane cook!
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Game Reviews

I never did get that ice cream yet :l
LV 18Killjoy(6 years ago)
first you press the ladder then you press the broken glass that will cut the rope then u press the air duct after that u press the ladder then u climb up it and press the air duct you will fall and u have 2 hide under the stairs after he comesclick on the door and u will enter the hallwaynext u go across the hallway to the door and u will be in the living room then u press the tv then it will say someone is coming push the curtain and u will b able 2 hide then u click on the open doorway and u will b in the kitchen next all u have to do is click on the cabnit below the sink there will b rat poison in there get it then click on the cat food then click on the stool next to the table then click the rat pioson in your inventory and put it in the cat food bowl then put the cat food on top of it then go back to the living room and get the duster then go back to the hallway then goto the fuse box andclick the duster and dust the fuse box then press the fuse and drag the dial to the word kitchen then go back to the kitchen and click the keypad ten put in the numbers 1977 then press the freezer then hit the fourth bag until lilly falls out then grab the key and get out of the freezer then push the locked cabnit in the kitchen there will b a dial in there get it then go back to the hallway go to the fusebox and put the dial on the hall way and second floor then push the button on the wall and the lift will come down jop on it and goto the 2nd floor then press the carpet and u will fall through the floor on the killer then go back on the lift click the green door on the second floor and that is how u play free icecream
LV 1katie63714(6 years ago)
hears an idea for the icecream man....... TRY SPEAKING ENGLISH
LV 1(6 years ago)
Aww..I Feel bad for Lili :( Now im scared of ice cream trucks...with bad sounding music like that :O (Scurred)
LV 1(6 years ago)
Wtf this game is freaking insane lol creepy 2:P
LV 8Andycat(6 years ago)
best game code is 1977
LV 1babbigurl55555(6 years ago)
i wish there was a ice cream 2,because if there was,then i would scream on top of my longs
LV 1alex hurst(6 years ago)
i found lily in the freezer
LV 4Aliens(6 years ago)
this is a really fun game and i love it the first time my sister had to walk me through it lol
LV 4stormie(6 years ago)
lol i luv this game its fun and sad and weird all in one =)
LV 1LUVUXOXO(6 years ago)