Forgotten Hill Run Run little horse

Forgotten Hill Run Run little horse is an a short but very creepy point and click horror-themed game with great puzzles developed by FM Studio
Forgotten Hill Run Run little horse has been developed by FM Studio
Not everything that is lost is lost forever...a short puzzle-based horror game for you little maniacs out there. The story of the game happens in the year of 1888 when the father of a child decided to initiate his son into black magic.
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Game Reviews

Eh, not scary and very easy.
its too short...
liked- but yes it is very short
Really interesting game. I enjoyed the puzzles.
The puzzle was fun, took a little bit to get started but its a shame its only a 5 min game
I still like it even though it's too easy
......it took you too kill your damn horse for what? A shadow head of a horse? When you could have kept the whole horse and you know. NOT GO THERE!! LOGIC! XD But I did enjoy it.
this game too short
I like it but it was too easy and short. Wish it was a little longer
waaaaaaayyyy 2 short and it involves the sacrifice of animals witch i'm not ok with it.