Eyes is an 3d first person horror game developed by Paulina Pabis
Eyes has been developed by Paulina Pabis
A first person perspective horror game inspired from the popular horror game Slenderman. Find a way to escape from the hunted house while grabbing all the loot you can and keep hiding from the grisly spirit.
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Game Reviews

da fuq this is scarier than slender man
LV 1kool(5 years ago)
Oh my God! That was so freaky!! Playing this alone at night...yes what a great idea.
LV 4SHRIEK19(5 years ago)
Once I play, I'm like "meh this looks cool," Then when i get jump scared, "Nope nope nope nope! fuq this" *closes game*
LV 1twitchyisthe1(5 years ago)
hold shift and w to run (sprint)p.s. the eyes show u what the ghost sees and where shes at
LV 1karly(5 years ago)
i had all the money bags and i got butt raped by eyes wtf
LV 1xdestroyer655(5 years ago)
A very good horror game. Deserves 5 stars. Is there other controls I don't know about? Like crouching and running? Try to reserve your eyes. Keeping the doors ajar lets you see the other side, allowing you to see the head pass by without you losing.
LV 5Tanuki(5 years ago)
ahhhhhhhhhhh dont play it.scared me real bad.dont turn around on the 2nd eye on the left of the first eye!!!!!!!!!!!
LV 1karly(5 years ago)
my eyes are bleeding
LV 1Loki2HOT(5 years ago)
really nice game !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
LV 1Mahad123(5 years ago)
This game is so awesome yet scary. CAUTION: Just giving you a fair warning.... DONT play this at night alone in the pitch black dark... i regreted that O_O (peed my pants and screamed my head off)
LV 1NeonSkylar(5 years ago)