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Ex Mortis Still stands as the King of Flash horror. i say that because its not all simply Pop out scary images ooooh no no! it has a in depth story, Dark and Demented environments, Detailed characters that are so well done that they take a life of their own, this is #1 of my Top 3 Horror Flash games (#1)-Ex Mortis series (#2)-The Insanity series (#3)- Ghostscape 2 The cabin. Final words: Horror is not about those "pop out" scary faces that scream, Horror is a Dark world with Creatures and Characters with a story bigger then reality.
LV 4Nyarlathotep(6 years ago)
if you still cant find the code its 3489
LV 3memphis(7 years ago)
I love both endings to this game.!
LV 4GothicAngel(6 years ago)
already the first time it made me hit my legs on my table
LV 3Sandman656(6 years ago)
Wow.. Exmortis Is scary...
LV 4Xzerodoll(6 years ago)
the head in the stupid microwave oven scared me to death! I jumped and my desk moved and my mom was like "are you ok??rofl
LV 1(7 years ago)
the code 4 the safe is in the attic on the top right (press tab)
LV 3memphis(7 years ago)
so scary right
LV 1(6 years ago)
add me friends
LV 1blackfog(6 years ago)
scry..and coolllll :) love it <3
LV 3anees(6 years ago)