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Exmortis is an horror adventure point and click developed by Ben Leffler
Exmortis has been developed by Ben Leffler
You wake up in the woods, with a lump on your head. You can't remember how you got there. All you can recall are the dreams. It's late, cold and you are unsure of where you are exactly fighting through the headache, you regain your focus and see a house
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Ex Mortis Still stands as the King of Flash horror. i say that because its not all simply Pop out scary images ooooh no no! it has a in depth story, Dark and Demented environments, Detailed characters that are so well done that they take a life of their own, this is #1 of my Top 3 Horror Flash games (#1)-Ex Mortis series (#2)-The Insanity series (#3)- Ghostscape 2 The cabin. Final words: Horror is not about those "pop out" scary faces that scream, Horror is a Dark world with Creatures and Characters with a story bigger then reality.
LV 4Nyarlathotep(4 years ago)
I love both endings to this game.!
LV 4GothicAngel(4 years ago)
if you still cant find the code its 3489
LV 3memphis(5 years ago)
Wow.. Exmortis Is scary...
LV 4Xzerodoll(4 years ago)
already the first time it made me hit my legs on my table
LV 3Sandman656(4 years ago)
the head in the stupid microwave oven scared me to death! I jumped and my desk moved and my mom was like "are you ok??rofl
LV 1sakuramiyakawa(5 years ago)
the code 4 the safe is in the attic on the top right (press tab)
LV 3memphis(5 years ago)
so scary right
LV 4zoezoezoezoe123(5 years ago)
add me friends
LV 1blackfog(4 years ago)
scry..and coolllll :) love it <3
LV 3anees(4 years ago)
this game will puzzle you
LV 2coldkiller951(4 years ago)
add me
LV 7FRIGHTNIGHT(4 years ago)
I was choking because I had something in my throat at the beginning. When the pictures popped you you can imagine how out of breathe I was.
LV 1Lucius(3 years ago)
i love all exmortis series
LV 19TooLate77(4 years ago)
What the hell i dont get this game!>=( this game can suck it!
LV 8EscapeTheFate(6 years ago)
Fuk you! I love exmortis!
LV 8Tigbitties(6 years ago)
The voises they scare me and the head in the microwave too!
LV 5patrykroz699(4 years ago)
thats good games*thanks
LV 1sali(3 years ago)
This is where you choose your destiny. Do you become the hand of Exmortis by solving the puzzle, or do you run for your life by taking the exit to the left of your view? The Puzzle So you have decided to succumb to the Exmortis and sit at the right hand of Lord Vlaew. The key to this puzzle is the passage in the book of Exmortis. The passage is recited one more time when you approach the pillar. "Devoured the crimson life of five, marks of Vlaew given to thee. Mirrored below the soul survive, what was, what is and what will be." The keys here are the phrases "Marks of VLAEW" and "Mirrored below". Taking the symbols you have collected and placing a mirror below them you will see that they look very similar to the letters L, W, A, V and E. All of these are letters used in the name of the Ancient, Vlaew. Clues to this are in the clock face from the house - the roman numeral "V" was the same as one of the symbols turned upside down. The encyclopaedia volumes from the library also used the symbols representing A and E in a mirrored capacity. So now we know that the order of the symbols collected are V, L, A, E and W respectively. But the puzzle isn't going to be this straight forward. The painting on the wall in the Dark Hallway had a picture of a pentagram with numbers at each point. You must place the appropriate symbol at the appropriate point on the pentagram starting at the top left circle and moving around the circles in a clockwise direction. Essentially, the sequence you will need to click on the symbols to place them appropriately is V, E, L, W, and finally A. Suddenly the end of the dark temple passage lights up. It's blinding intensity finally captures and engulfs you. You feel your last remaining humanity slip away, but the power of many surges through your veins. So this is what immortality feels like. You arch your back, scream and then it's all over. You black out - your transformation from slave to conqueror is over. You have become the hand of Exmortis. The end of the game flashes with your evil triumph. First the Cult of Exmortis gained strength from luring many followers. And then it crushed all human rule - returning Lord Vlaew to his rightful throne of the Earth Realm. Congratulations, you have finished the game. If you want to see the other possible ending, click "Play again for alternate ending" Running For Your Life! Making a run for the forest - now that's a bold move. One that the demons of the Exmortis will not like one little bit. You've taken the doorway to your left of the temple, and a booming voice filled with rage and malevolence fills the tunnel. "Foolish man! You will pay for your defiance!" You listen, and off in the distance you hear a roar. Screams. Terror! And it's getting louder - it seems the Exmortis is coming for you. It invested too many years preparing you to become their link to let you deny them when the time was at hand. If you know what's good for you, you'll make a beeline for the Woods, and you'll make it snappy before they catch up to you! [ Click the exit to the right of the tunnel ] Another tunnel - but from here it should be easy. Just keep clicking the exits to get out of there. You'll eventually reach a door. [ Click the door to exit in to the Woods ] The Woods Congratulations - you've escaped the tunnels, the only place the Exmortis has any physical influence on your human form. Now all that's left for you is to make your way back to civilisation. That's if you can survive the freezing conditions outside long enough. You see a makeshift track wind out in front of you. [ Click the track to follow it forward ] You continue on the track, noting that an eerie mist settles over the surrounding forest. [ Click the track to follow it forward ] The path narrows, but continues onward. [ Click the track to follow it forward ] Finally, you've come across a larger track that seems to be well used. You are certain that following it will lead you back to civilisation. [ Click the track to finish the game ] Suddenly you fall backwards as something jumps out in front of you. Losing your footing, you slip and hit the ground hard knocking yourself unconscious in the process. The dreams haunt your unconscious state. Suddenly you snap out of it. Not knowing where you are, or why you are there - you realise how cold you are. All you can remember are the dreams (or are they memories?) It is dark, and you don't think you'll make it through the night unless you can find shelter. Wait - up ahead in the clearing you spot a house. You decide to shelter there for the night - anything is better than freezing to death in the woods... The End.
LV 7Youruichi(3 years ago)
Geesh, the voices are scary as heck! I don't really get scared, but this has got to be the scariest horror flashgame I've played so far. It's a bad idea I am playing at 1:00 in the morning while everybody else in my house is sleeping, lol
LV 4TheSkillz3000(3 years ago)
ughhh! i could Not figure this game out T.T
LV 1blonde4113(3 years ago)
WOW! This game RULES! It's not one of those Pop-up games either.... It's realistic and detailed and scary and FUNNN! You guys should play Exmortis 2 and 3. :)
LV 2M3talhead(4 years ago)
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