Exmortis 3 Free Edition

Exmortis 3 Free Edition is an horror point and click developed by Ben Leffler
Exmortis 3 Free Edition has been developed by Ben Leffler
The third part of the horror point`n click Exmortis game is finally out.
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Game Reviews

i love this gane
send this on 5 game comments then log off then log in then press f5 and you well get 1000 points
awesome graphics and scenario , nice job ben leffler ^ ^
i lied for the 12345678987th time...................i am not 18!!!!!!!!!!
amzing not to scary 4 the demo and it ticks me off that its not the actual full game no fun wat up wit that
This game is the awesomes!! I love all the exmortis games i have been dying for it to come out!! Exmortis is the best by far! love it!! add my plox!!
2 stars for oddity.
I like this game but I'm stuck
wow 18+ i still gonna play it and also this is just a demo version tear tear too bad :(
wow an exmortis 3
Shit is so cool
I want to play this game so I said 'Yes' When they asked me if I was 18 or above. Now im so scared cause the game is so scary! T_T
It doesn't work...?