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look at the floor and there will be 4 numbers,type the numbers in the code bar thing behind the pic of a house and u get a knife thing. then go to the cupboard and ull get a key,go downstairs and u will go to the door on the right.... and u will look between the two books on the top shelf an then u will get glasses,go back into the hall and you will go to through the door on the left and you will
it scared me with the zombie thingie a little at the end
this is how u play:at the bottom rightside corner of the room, u should find something on the floor. click on it. it should give u a number. remove the painting in the middle of the room and type the number in. inside u should find a knife. go to the cabinet and use the knife to cut the ropes. inside u should find a key. click on the secret door. u should see a stairway and 2 doors. enter the door
Gimme my two minutes back.
WOW THIS IS THE MOST EASIEST GAME I HAVE EVER PLAYED but the ending sort of scared me
how do u get out?
lol the zombie at the end made me jump
the game was very awsome.It scared the crap out of my friend
this game is super easy
That wasn't scurry a awl T-T LAME!!!
It was super easy! The ending was pretty silly, made me laugh! I liked it! :3
I need help.... I got the glasses and I got to the part where I got rejected to opening the door : / Help help!
the easiest and most dumm scary game i have ever played . but i laughed when i saw the resident evil dude . (if anyone needs a walkthrough then just pm me)
dokutabatafurai can you help me please