Escape the house of Evil is an escape game developed by Thom Sip
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Game Reviews

look at the floor and there will be 4 numbers,type the numbers in the code bar thing behind the pic of a house and u get a knife thing. then go to the cupboard and ull get a key,go downstairs and u will go to the door on the right.... and u will look between the two books on the top shelf an then u will get glasses,go back into the hall and you will go to through the door on the left and you will look at the clock and there will be a brick beside it,click on it and u will get a crow bar then go back to the hall and back upstairs and there will be another picture so click on it and there will be a key, go back downstairs and then u will go to the door on the left and through tht door and you will go through the door on the right and then u will find a screwdriver so u would leave tht room and go into the hall again through the right door and click the door nob twice and u will get the door knob and so go into the hall once more and into thr left door and through tht door in there and through the door with no knob and u will replace the doorknob hole wit the door knob tht u have and ur hoe free but there is a zombie tht pops up so theres ur walkthrough wit anyone who has trouble ur welcomee nd plz plz addd me bcuz i could u plz ohh plz im beggin u
LV 1ashley1010(6 years ago)
it scared me with the zombie thingie a little at the end
LV 7VegasCourier(7 years ago)
this is how u play:at the bottom rightside corner of the room, u should find something on the floor. click on it. it should give u a number. remove the painting in the middle of the room and type the number in. inside u should find a knife. go to the cabinet and use the knife to cut the ropes. inside u should find a key. click on the secret door. u should see a stairway and 2 doors. enter the door on the right. look in the bookcase. u should find some glasses. click the door in front of u. it should shut on its own and lock. leave the room. go to the door on you left. behind the clock, u should find a weak spot. click on it. inside u should find a crowbar. leave the room and go upstairs. remove the painting on the right. click the weak spot on the wall. inside u should find a key. go back downstairs and enter the door on the left. open the locked door and go inside. there should be 2 doors. enter the one with a knob. on the table u should find a screwdriver. leave the room and go back to where the stairway is. enter the door on the right. use the screwdriver to take the knob from the door and leave the room. enter door on the left. then enter the door on the right. then click on the knobless door and go in. click the door in front of u. SURPRISE!!! u die. there. i just saved u the most boring and lame 15 mins of ur life.
LV 3AlexEatsGiraffes(7 years ago)
WOW THIS IS THE MOST EASIEST GAME I HAVE EVER PLAYED but the ending sort of scared me
LV 1(6 years ago)
how do u get out?
LV 2cutiepie14(6 years ago)
kool third.
LV 6bloodshed(8 years ago)
Gimme my two minutes back.
LV 4innocent(8 years ago)
lol the zombie at the end made me jump
LV 4Chopsuey9444(8 years ago)
the game was very awsome.It scared the crap out of my friend
LV 1(6 years ago)
easy -_-
LV 2GrimReaper2905(6 years ago)