Dreams Eater

Dreams Eater is an a horror-themed side-scrolling game shrouded in mystery developed by Cagmaster
Dreams Eater has been developed by Cagmaster
After the gruesome death of his family members, our protagonist,an adolescent named Eddie Conner, decided to spend his life chasing after the criminal. After moving into his parent's house,he started to have some disturbing dreams that could lead him to the killer. Will he be able to handle all the madness and discover the killer's identity? The game features lots of jump-scares so be warned!
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Game Reviews

I like the type of game its going for and that its trying to be those types of cool 2D horror games. Although the main issue is the controls.
Dont know what the actual f*ck Im playing
Not the best game of this sort.
disliked- dosent even tell you anything but use (a + d) yet theres a door .... that i cant open
Okay so most of the comments are negative. BUt Whoever is reading this, don't let them get to you. Yeah the game has it's glitches but every game does! You just got to be paitent and willling to put up with the shit. Because after it's over you'll feel ok. And Yeah this isn't the best game, but it's something. It's probably better than any of us (comment wise) could pull off. Besides, You don't kn
this is vary bad
where is the first check point?
The game was alright until it broke and would't let me play anymore. There are some doors you will not be able to open.