Doom Triple Pack

Doom Triple Pack is an id Software's fps originals: Doom, Hexen and Heretic developed by id Software
Doom Triple Pack has been developed by id Software
The ultimate id Software game compilation is here! Now you can play your all time favorite classic first person shooting game online on GameShed! Choose between Doom, Hexen and Heretic and have a ton of fun blasting devils and demons!
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Game Reviews

I agree #VOSILON. That's true that doom is a legend. Though the series of Doom are awesome. Doom 4 is much more awesome than the other series. And DOOM TRIPLE PACK SETS A WAY NEW LEVEL! Its cool and fun.
LV 5LEG1ON(1 year ago)
Doom is a damn legend, and those two additions were decent too really like the villains and the way arenas were made!
LV 5vosiloN(1 year ago)
ummm...what was that???
LV 5CRUELLA(1 year ago)
rate-1 too slow
LV 5Tr1ckst3r(7 months ago)
wow i never new this game was that good
LV 1Seeker1200(6 months ago)
this gme is awsome , i really like it , its really when in shooting and breaking the ass of devils :D
LV 9Anonymousx(1 year ago)
it good but u will get bored faster
LV 1turminator(1 year ago)