Don't Escape 3

Don't Escape 3 is an point and click horror anti-escape flash game developed by ScriptWelder
Don't Escape 3 has been developed by ScriptWelder
The third installment of the popular anti-escape game - Don't Escape - by ScriptWelder is finally here. This time the action takes place in space, inside the UEFS Horizon star-ship, which apparently has been attacked by some unknown life-form. Our protagonist finds himself trapped inside the ship's airlock.
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Game Reviews

ok i'll give a walkthrough when you first get to the maintence bored to abort the ejection press restore safety and then about ejection then press open intiorer door go to the right pick up the plasma torch keep going right into the bridge grab the fuse on the floor an click on the bored infront of the captin and turn the safety features offline go back to the right till you get to the fuse box open it an put the fuse in grab then go into the lab grab the empty flask and the anitbotics from the first aid kit put the antibotics in the checmical analyzer the results should be in the data pad go back to where you found the plasma torch and go into the door in front of the dead guy grab the knife and collect a blood sample using the flask go to the food dispenser and get some alachool go the left and go into the bathroom open the locker and grab detergent go out of the bathroom go to the right and grab the data cube on the floor and plant leaves leave the room and go back into the lab and put the blood sample plant leaves detergent and alcohol into the chemical anayaler then put the plant leaves blood sample and the anitibotics in the mixing machine and mix the mixture get the mixture and go back into the room where you found the knife and pick up the plasma torch fuel and combine them then go back to the vent and use the knife take the key and and head back to the lab and open the locker using the key take the safety gogles and put them on and take the acid and go to the door to the right and use the the plasma torch to reveal a switch click and and go through the door and get the acess card and go back to the air lock and use the card to get the space suit leave the air lock and use the card to get into the escape pod grab the tools and go back to the room where you found the acess card and repair the the fans and go through put the data cube in the machine to the left and pour the mixture into the box to the right the crystal dissaolvent should be in the fire spriklers test them in the isolation ward go back and press the life support buttons one of them should give you 3 more hours to wait make a data prosser 2 and portable igniter use data prosser on the current data pad you have and go to the first man who died on your way back and use your data pad to view security feed after that go to where you found the plasma torch and view security feed go into the room where you found the knife and view the security feed go back to the lab and go into the door to the left that you couldn't acess before and view security feed after that you should get a code grab the explosives and go back to the mixing machine and add detergent alcohol and acid after mixing it grab it using the flask and put the mixture into the explosives and put the portable ignter on the explosives put the bomb with the crystals go back to the room where you found the plant leaves and put the code into the one room that is locked and when you get inside use the light swithch and you will learn that you killed everone open the lockers and grab the captins acess card and head to the bridge and use it on the bored that is in front of the dead captin and turn of safety proticalls go back into the airlock put on the suit and press decompression and open the door infront of you grab the string and head out move parts of the of the ruble till you find a crystal go back into the isolation ward and toss the two crystals in with the mix and detonate the bomb don't leave the room if you do it won't be 0% contamination there you go best ending in the game
LV 1(3 years ago)
cool game!
LV 7Atomic(3 years ago)
To anyone that need help making the crystal dissolvent formula use plant leaves, antibiotics, and a blood sample. you can get the plant leaves in the quarters if you move to the right. you can get the antibiotics above the sink in the lab, and you can get the blood sample by using the flask on the dead guy in the quarters. I hope this helped someone
LV 9blazer5005(3 years ago)
I hope Scriptwelder keeps making games like this.
LV 1(2 years ago)
I died, like the first 10 secs. -.-
LV 1mckoy47(3 years ago)
i hope they making more series... its so fun
LV 12nightsblood(1 year ago)
This is a really amazing game, the only thing I had against it was it was rather hard to do, had to consult the walkthrough, but it is a really well structured game and pretty creepy. I'd recommend this game and also all the other instalments in the series.
LV 3TheGhost(3 years ago)
ok I know this is hard to some but I played the first and second don't escape games I know the premise and i'm smart so this was easy and for the best ending find the truth and blow up the ship
LV 1(3 years ago)
Scriptwelider is one of my great point and click game creators ever
LV 7redeath1997(3 years ago)
1st achievement: Just eject yourself out at the start 2nd: Use the escape pod 3: upgrade your data pad with the machine from life support room and watch the security cam in all 4 areas with dead bodies except the captain, then you get the passcode and open the door to the bunks. You'll find the truth there. 4th: put the bomb on the crystal mummy in the room next to the lab and blow it up. 5th: Use the crystal dissolver and don't be in the escape pod room when you blow up the ship. 6th: Put the space suit on, decompress the airlock and open the exterior door. Make sure you open the panel in the side so that it hooks you to the ship or else you'll fly away and head out into space. Then clear some debris away until you find a crystal. Just have it in your inventory and blow the ship up with you in it.
LV 6Loyang(3 years ago)