Death Proclaimed 2: Valerie's Letter

Death Proclaimed 2: Valerie's Letter is an the third part of the popular rpg horror game, Death Proclaimed developed by Jake Springhorn
printscreen for Death Proclaimed 2: Valerie's Letter game
printscreen for Death Proclaimed 2: Valerie's Letter game
printscreen for Death Proclaimed 2: Valerie's Letter game
printscreen for Death Proclaimed 2: Valerie's Letter game
Valerie, you are trapped - contained by him. But that does not have to be the case any longer. This world is an ugly world, but nothing compared to what you will face if you try to escape. But you are strong, Valerie, and I know that you can endure all that stands in your path. It pains me to think of what you have to go through. I regret doing this, but it may be your only chance to be free. Meet me Valerie. I can provide you a haven of rest. I can restore peace in your mind. It is your choice.
Death Proclaimed 2: Valerie's Letter has been developed by Jake Springhorn
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Game Reviews

The most awesome game ever!
LV 8MadSaveges1000(4 years ago)
I've played a lot of the RPG Maker horror RPGs and I have to say this one shies in comparison. Gameplay, empty plot, and absolute zero believability aside, this game could be summed in one word, messy. From the opening scene, where we have to wait through an empty cutscene containing a character shifting positions in her bed to the ugly way the font and menu are formatted, everything just seems messy. I feel like we've fallen back to the DOOM days of horror gaming when titles like these are released. Finally, I don't feel bad giving you this review because everyone else seems to like it. Good luck on your future endeavors.
LV 1Zemikian(3 years ago)
game looks great cant wait to try it
LV 5KawaiiCarrot4471(4 years ago)
im gunna go download it it looks soo awesome :D
LV 8EvilUnicornMaster(4 years ago)
Game looks great but uf scary....
LV 1(4 years ago)
nice game. looks like inspired by silent hill. especially last scenes are impressive. there seems to be some glitches though. it's rare but you may have infinite ammo (I had). also your head explodes for no apparent reason in leah's mansion after killing the bodyguard (it scared the hell out of me). people who finished the game should play "Death Proclaimed 2" next.
LV 1mtpc1486(4 years ago)
Definitely better than previous 2 chapters. I highly recommend it to anyone looking for a atmospheric horror game. Keep themcoming gameshed!
LV 7cartman(4 years ago)
Omg... OMG THIS GAME IS SO SO...... t(owot)
LV 1janrew(4 years ago)