Dead Man's Journey

Dead Man's Journey is an dark horror game with an emphasis on story-line and atmosphere developed by Stanislaw Truchowski
Dead Man's Journey has been developed by Stanislaw Truchowski
When hanging between life and death, Heaven and Hell, one can only do but remind himself. Over...and..over again. Dead Man's Journey is a highly polished horror game with an emphasis on atmosphere and a lot of jump-scares. The story fallows the gruesome story of the family Rinne. Upon investigation, Police determined that husband of Clair Rinne and father of Robert cut Clair into pieces, to later, stuff her into the oven along side her son.
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Game Reviews

This game isn't very scary :/ But Interesting :) Recommend to play ;)
LV 1(2 years ago)
This game has a great plot but is actually more creepy than scary... 4/5!!!
LV 1Taurus01(2 years ago)
Games don't usually scare me, but this one seriously did haha A+
LV 2BeccaFire386(2 years ago)
it is a good and scary had fun playing it
LV 1thomasthetrian166(2 years ago)
It's a good game with an excellent plot. It's more jump scare based which is more intense and creepy. Which make them my person favorite. But it gives me a continues hallways and PT vibe. in all great game!
LV 8MissSoulless(1 month ago)