Game Reviews

Compassion: A+ Survival: A WOOHOO
LV 4Lacey(5 years ago)
this game is lil hard but intresting at the end if you take the right way you survive and the other way u will get ur wife but you beat the game either way and if you survive u kill yourself
LV 4dannywolf493(5 years ago)
same thing as night 2001 im new add me
LV 4dannywolf493(5 years ago)
omg i have a ps3 hhahaha
LV 1hottie5511(5 years ago)
I love this game i would survive a real outbreak that's what it said
LV 1julie101(5 years ago)
this is like comprehention lol xD
LV 1justforyou123(5 years ago)
i love this game it can b relly easy just make sure u seach the house for ur wife and never leave her and live happy for the rest of ur life o and pls do not kill ur self (by jumping out the window or stoping the bus)
LV 3armybrat(5 years ago)
i love this game its very easy and it said i would b able 2 survive an outbreak of zombies yeaahh
LV 3armybrat(4 years ago)
i got and a+ for saving my wife but an F for compassion!! It said i was a self-centered son of *itch and only think about saving myself was fun anyways
LV 1LuluNightTerror(3 years ago)
cool and challenging i finished it and saved my wife
LV 7sarakeno(7 years ago)