Crimson Butterflies

Crimson Butterflies is an spooky game developed by
Escape from the forbidden boundary of the Lost Village by following the trails of the Crimson Butterflies. They say that the inhabitants of the Lost City vanished completely during a night of a ceremony and whenever someone gets lost in the forest, the village spirits them away.

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Game Reviews

Dear fellow players: if your having trouble in the gravyard click on the tree branch of the tree on top of the rocks then if you see the fire between the poles click on the right pole than two hands will pop out
LV 3MaDgAmm3RZ(6 years ago)
I'm stuck at Chitose. What am I supposed to do, click on her face for an hour?
LV 1Kuroneko(6 years ago)
this game is stupid
LV 1Maire236(6 years ago)
man i cnt get pass the grave yard please leave a message so i can finish the game TT
LV 1(6 years ago)
how to play this game??
LV 1krestella(6 years ago)
nice scenario but that isn't enough
LV 19TooLate77(6 years ago)
waste of a game
LV 4bgboy(5 years ago)
what do i do when i come to the arm in the closet I clicked on it some many time and its doesn't do anything.
LV 7Prixie123(8 years ago)
omg after the chitose thing happens thats it no more after that.. that isnt cool bro ;-; this was really short and pointlessly complicated in the fact that its really hard to find out where to click sometimes -.- SIGH it had some good jump scares i geuss but yeah kinda just a waste of time if you ask me
LV 1LydiaRyder(5 years ago)
LV 1(10 years ago)