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Guys, I'll tell one way of detecting weather you can play this game or not. You should not if -If you feel scared sitting alone, Ghostly feelings come to your mind during such times. I assure it is such a game and my god I actually had a heart attack right when it started.Plese like this comment,if it happened to you.
LV 4sidharthsivas(6 years ago)
WALCKTROUGH Downstairs: 1 in the left fireplace opening where there are 2 openings 1 in the left wall when you have the 2 fireplace openings on your right 2 in the left opening where the room splits in 2 and you can go either left or right (go right and the ghost screams) 1 in the wall opening in the upper left when you are in a dead-end junk room with the blue bag -- turn around to find it (left of the yellow door to the stairs) Stairwell: 1 in teapot on window sill as you go upstairs (will appear only when you went upstairs and downstairs, then upstairs again and you should see the teapot) Upstairs: 1 in the wall in the upper part of the left wall when you are standing with the door 23 on your right 1 up right of the solid brown door (when you go through that door you would be going back downstairs) 2 in the room where the ghost yells at you to 'get out' (second marble in the room where the ghosts yells at you. If you turn around to face the door, it is left of the door - light tan panel.)
LV 5LuciferMorningstar(6 years ago)
this game made me jumped off my chair
LV 4Veetman(6 years ago)
oh gawd :/ i havent started playing and im scared already x_x
LV 1weezylover(6 years ago)
this game is so scaryy. this is not for the faint hearted persons. if a heart patient sees the beginning he will surely have a heart -attack. please like this comment if you agree with me.
LV 2gamergirl256(6 years ago)
one day i left my REAL phone number behind and that same day in the evening i got a message, but it said error or something.
LV 13nightsblood(2 years ago)
Is this a true story?... Uh oh..
LV 4Xzerodoll(6 years ago)
really? Am i the only 12 year old that is being brave right now?!!!!
LV 1iceyhottie135(6 years ago)
wow best game ever.....its scary but really good....i think i jumped about five times heart was pounding in my chest so hard i thought it was gonna break free
LV 1DemonCeilxSebastian(6 years ago)
Scared the crap outta me and my lil cuz Sh!t is weird!!!
LV 1Emogurl1012(6 years ago)
whats the phone number
LV 1CLOSED_ACCOUNT(6 years ago)
like if the girl in the pipe scared the crap out of you
LV 716ettersand6number(5 years ago)
i accidently had it on full volume and i ran out the room in fear this game s soooooo scary and cool at the same time
LV 1jenniferleanne1(6 years ago)
7 Marbles, and I tried leaving my own personal #, but nothing... Wouldn't be surprised if it was when the game first came out it played a preset recording that would scare the bejesus outa people, though i'm assuming this games been out for a while then considering they wouldn't keep that going if this game dropped, youtube kinda saved this game..
LV 4RegalNocturne(5 years ago)