Ceasing to be Her Demise

Ceasing to be Her Demise is an the successor of 'Being Her Darkest Friend' horror indie game developed by Christian Haumer
Ceasing to be Her Demise has been developed by Christian Haumer, Matthias Pruckner, David Birkner, Quentin Louis & Florian Scherz
The sequel to the unsettling point and click horror adventure game 'Being Her Darkest Friend' by Chronerion Entertainment. Will our aspiring art student Selina get rid of her dark nightmares?
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Game Reviews

The pixel effects aren't that much scary but fun and addicting, keep up the series!
LV 5LEG1ON(2 years ago)
A really excellent game.
LV 5Geminate(2 years ago)
i have crippling depression
LV 5thegothside(2 years ago)
This is pretty awesome xD
LV 6Joxii(2 years ago)
I'm done. I can't play games on chrome and I installed Fire Fox and those mother fuc***** still won't load.
LV 3AidenRam(1 year ago)
rate-3 im stuck on this one so i gave up but i liked the 1st one just as much still. Story line does make sense its just you lot are playing this in the wrong order. this is the 2ND game to it as shes now inside the giants mouth and her house is trashed
LV 5Tr1ckst3r(1 year ago)
It was really good, I was disappointed in the endings though. The game has really good potential and I hate point and click games, but for this one, I urged to go on. I played in the wrong order though, so I had to go to episode one in order to understand who the characters were. Now thinking back about it, the 2nd one confused me. She wasn't depressed about her artworks, she just wanted to do better for Mr. Sellingman. I still don't deny that the point n' click was the best one I have ever played out of all of them because it was interesting and fun. Kinda not a horror game tho. More like Mystery/ Adventure.
LV 1Blackheartedlady(2 years ago)
The best horror game is on the rise, but to understand this part you have to play the first part. 5/5
LV 1GameGeek14(1 year ago)