CDX the game

CDX the game is an creepy interactive game developed by BBC
CDX the game has been developed by BBC & Preloaded
Good point-and-click adventure game from BBC&Preloaded. You play the role of Adam Foster and your job is to unlock the mystery and defeat the ancient and bloody conspiracy that threatens to erupt into the present day.

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Game Reviews

god it takes forever loading
LV 1(6 years ago)
will commence shortly v:v sure !
LV 1(6 years ago)
it takes so long it made me old and wat was that sonny wat u say i'm hot well thank u i did run 24 times a day
LV 5DADEEG(6 years ago)
really? loading?!
LV 1RebeccaBermudez96(5 years ago)
wow beginning lookes real
LV 2SimmerAli(9 years ago)
wow it looks real damn shit
LV 2SimmerAli(9 years ago)
LV 4Grant101(6 years ago)
WTF!? why does it it take FOREVER to load?? i gave up and started to ply another game.... This is poop! -_-
LV 1sootyskeeper(5 years ago)
Been waiting for a hour and a half for this dumb game I ave had lunch, watched a movie and got dressed in waiting!
LV 3TheGhost(6 years ago)
"will commence shortly." that's right sonny *ruffles grandson's hair* that's the same message I read 4O years ago, today. And looky here! *waves my arms around frantically* I'M STILL HERE!! WAITING FOR THE D*** GAME TO LOAD!! *eyes get bigger* LOST ALL FEELING IN MAH LEGS!! SO GO GET ME A SAMMICH!!
LV 1TheRisingSun(6 years ago)