Bunny Man: Lost Souls

Bunny Man: Lost Souls is an indie first person horror game developed by Leonardo César Veloso
printscreen for Bunny Man: Lost Souls game
printscreen for Bunny Man: Lost Souls game
printscreen for Bunny Man: Lost Souls game
printscreen for Bunny Man: Lost Souls game
It's all true. The bogeyman is real and he is on the loose! Those were the last words of Deputy Sheriff Richard from Fairfax County Virginia before he was found dead laying under the Bunny Man Bridge.
Bunny Man: Lost Souls has been developed by Leonardo César Veloso
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Game Reviews

How do you collect the souls?????
LV 1MentallyHopeless(5 years ago)
A very good game and I strongly recommend that you download it. Really fun, very good. PLAY IT!
LV 3TheGhost(5 years ago)
For those who cannot rescue the souls. Listen for the sound of a little child's jack in the box for the first ghost then as you go along you have to listen to a specific noise that goes with the ghost. It's hard in the beginning but once you know the noise you can find all twenty ghosts and rescue them... That is if the Bunny man doesn't get you first.
LV 5LostDemon2295(5 years ago)
We must not look at goblin men, We must not buy their fruits, Who knows upon what soil they fed, Their hungry thirsty roots?
LV 1QU35T(5 years ago)
it's awesome
LV 1Wozacow19(5 years ago)
I read one comment and it says ring the jack in the box... No thanks. I'll just keep scrolling. o_o
LV 3Winkersisalegend(5 years ago)
how do u collect souls
LV 1jjcordi(4 years ago)
how to collect the goddamn souls ? i only heard them screaming like a pig .
LV 1regienald2(4 years ago)
what are the glowing eggs for when you click? and I saw creepy ghosts like hooded things 2 of them and how do you get past the bunnyman he always kills me when I try to go past him!?
LV 1staypuft1234(5 years ago)
Hah! this game is fantastic!
LV 3yoyogurl(5 years ago)