Blank Dream

This game requires RPG Maker VX Ace RTP in order to play it. DOWNLOAD RTP FROM HERE
Blank Dream is an rpg horror adventure game with great puzzles and a lot of jumpscares developed by Kanawo
printscreen for Blank Dream game
printscreen for Blank Dream game
printscreen for Blank Dream game
printscreen for Blank Dream game
Blank Dream is a freeware puzzle-oriented horror adventure game with a theme focused on suicide. The game fallows Mishiro Usui, a young girl who committed suicide by throwing herself in a lake but things didn't stopped there. Soon, she wakes up somewhere dark and wet, unable to remember her name or anything about her past. The game features a dark and unsettling atmosphere with a fair share of well executed jump scares.
Blank Dream has been developed by Kanawo & Vgperson
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Game Reviews

LV 12nightsblood(2 years ago)
The best second rpg horror I've played so far on gameshed! If you enjoyed Ib you should definitely try this one too!
LV 8eufora(2 years ago)
really good game i love it
LV 1ezcet(2 years ago)
One of the best RPG games!!!! great story gameplay puzzles and music. I have found All the endings and i enjoyed every second of it!!!! YOU MUST PLAY IT!!
LV 1zimmeras550(2 years ago)
I managed to get all the endings and that last one where it shows ayoto's drawing made me so happy but sad as well but this game is amazing!! I 100% recommend that people should play this game
LV 1(2 years ago)
The story behind this is incredible! The characters are easily lovable, and the story is insanely amazing.
LV 1FoundAtMidnight(5 months ago)
i cant download the RPGVXAce rtp thing
LV 1peidolardente(2 years ago)