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actually its not a new game if you are a scary games addict you must know that this is not a new game lol but still this game is very scary ^_^
LV 14jprv47(4 years ago)
If any of you know who Markiplier is then he played this exact game on this exact website go look at his channel on YouTube. P.S: The monsters name is Moaning Myrtile
LV 3AwesomeVoltage(4 years ago)
Okay, listen. I've been checking this page every once in a while for some time now, but nothing is changing so I'll go ahead and just leave a comment. Gameshed, if you're going to take my game and post it to your own site then you at least need to keep it updated. I've found that most people play it here, rather than where I actually released it (Kong re ga te), but it's been quite a while since the last significant update and the version on this page is still a pretty old one. The newer version has a fullscreen mode, a "How to Play" button that explains the controls and the score system, and a cheat code for those who have difficulty navigating the basement. So uh, yeah... You should get on that.
LV 1SirBedlam(4 years ago)
Is it fair to say I almost peed myself?
LV 1BleedingxLuxury(4 years ago)
Guys, she just wants us to help find her dentures
LV 4crazywolfgirl98(4 years ago)
I actually really enjoyed this game. At first I was lost trying to figure out when the ghost would appear but once I got far enough my question was answered. It's a fun little game and has some startling moments in it. The ghost is pretty tricky to get past at times but I love the atmosphere in the game. Great game and I would definitely play this more than once!
LV 7coreOVERDRIVE(4 years ago)
dose anybody else think Merdel is creepy! score if you do
LV 3MrCatbug(4 years ago)
Shoooooooooottttttt, when she leans in and your flashlight is flickering. FRICKING CREEPY! I was kinda startled. As when I play Indie I have almost zero reaction....
LV 1Ravennzz(4 years ago)
the whole time i was sweating waiting for the scary parts and imagining myself in the situation. >.<
LV 1HorrorcoreZombie(4 years ago)
This game feels like a mix of slenderman and a haunted house, except slenderman is an undead woman
LV 3phenoxspartan10108(4 years ago)