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I have to say as a fan of the first two, this one was a major let down. Granted as mentioned by another member the graphics are improving but overall just dull, not to mention the whole evil character in this one is just I don't know off.
LV 4expelledGamer(5 years ago)
LV 2wolfgirl(7 years ago)
good game
LV 4linkdusel13(7 years ago)
I finished it,it was easy by a little help,u know what do i mean, :D
LV 4Nouran(7 years ago)
Short but interesting :D Add me plox ^-^
LV 8Tigbitties(7 years ago)
BO:3 has more impressive visuals than the first two, but I have to say, while the reveal about the player character is very interesting, the rest of the story is a mish-mash of too many ideas thrown at the player too quickly. In the first game: aliens. Second game: Vampires. Now we have... all this other stuff that I won't spoil for those who care, not that it's much of a reveal. Combining concepts like mad science, aliens, and vampires isn't necessarily a bad idea, but you have to do something original with them, not just stick them all together and throw them in the players' faces.
LV 8RedHat(6 years ago)
it ok i geust
LV 4agodfrey(7 years ago)
couple new things but still old feel like first :p
LV 1GANG_UNIT(7 years ago)
wasn't great
LV 3heartstar1222(7 years ago)
cewl hahaha im so messed up im on crack !
LV 4darkangel411(7 years ago)