Game Reviews

The game is fairly hard, the 5th game is way better but I dont think it's on game shed I recomend that you look in every tiny little space. every container, every bin, every cuboard! I have completed all the "Being One" episodes.
LV 3TheGhost(4 years ago)
i pooped my self at the vent part and when i pooped i had a hearth atack i played this game on another day and it was the same this is not true
LV 1egoface(4 years ago)
i hated when the vampire got mefrom the vent but good game
LV 1killergirl1(7 years ago)
this game scared me wen that thing poped out of the air vent i jumped and my mom and sister laughed at me not funny lol
LV 1keke40677(7 years ago)
This game is ok not saying it's da best it's ok.,.,.,.,
LV 1leslie30(6 years ago)
Reading the comments I knew a monster was going to pop out at some point and I still jumped.
LV 4expelledGamer(5 years ago)
yays i finished. it was fun (^_^)
LV 6animelover(5 years ago)
good game and i have to say it got me off guard at the vent part
LV 7zombiedestoryer(7 years ago)
that is scary
LV 1cutegirl95(7 years ago)
it waz da ishhh!XD
LV 1stardust600(7 years ago)