Ask the Spirits 2

Ask the Spirits 2 is an creepy board game developed by Tamba Internet
Ask the Spirits 2 has been developed by Tamba Internet
Communicate with the dead and ask them questions. Be careful as they are easily offended and you could end up on the other side.
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Game Reviews

Me:What's your name? Ghost:Afraid Me:Is that your real name? "Afraid":No Me:Can you tell me your real name? "Afraid":No Me:How did you die? "Afraid":Murder Me:How old are you? "Afraid":15 Me:Are you a girl? "Afraid":Yes Me:Did you have a boyfriend? "Afraid":Yes Me:Did your boyfriend murder you? "Afraid":Murder Me:How were you murdered? "Afraid":Murder Me:Will you say something else? "Afraid":No Me:Are you a b!tch? "Afraid":No Me:Well you act like one.... "Afraid":Yes Me:So your a lier? "Afraid":Yes Me:So everything you told me is a lie? "Afraid":No Me:Are there any other ghosts with you? "Afraid":6 Me:Is that a lie? "Afraid":Yes
LV 3DarkRose(6 years ago)
me: were you raped ghost:whales
LV 3MaDgAmm3RZ(6 years ago)
Our convo. :D Me; What is your name? Ghost; Ivan. Me; Ivan, are you gay? (im a girl) ghost; Yes. Me; Oh, so you don't like me? Ghost; Yes. Me; well, how did you die? Ghost; suicide. Me; Aw, did a girl reject you? Ghost; Yes. Me; THAT'S why you're gay! Ghost; No. Me; Then why are you gay? Ghost; Pain. Me; Oh so you like it rough? Ghost; Yes. Me; Oh. Ever had a boyfriend? Ghost; No. Me; Aw. You died a virgin. Lol then I died. I'm a girl and I had this convo lol that was hilarious.
LV 1Runawaylove112(6 years ago)
Me- whats your name ghost- tired me- thats not your real name ghost- yes me-how did you die? ghost- strangled me-how old where you? ghost- 52 me-are you a boy? ghost- no me- are you a girl? ghost- no me- did you have a boyfriend? ghost- yes me- did he kill you? ghost- strangled me- did he strangle you? ghost- strangled me- WHO STRANGLED YOU? ghost-strangled me-say something else ghost- no me- well thats a start ghost- no me- whats your favorite color? ghost- hurt me- thats not a color?? ghost- goodbye uhm. hmm. i didnt know "hurt" was a color... say "like" if you didnt either xD oh and add mee pplzzz!! c:
LV 1lexilurve117(6 years ago)
lolol me:hey him:yes me: whats your name him:afraid me:your name is afraid him:oliver me:your name is oliver, then him:oliver me:alrighty him:murder me:you where murderd him:no me:then murder who him:you me:O.o him:goodbye I ALWAYS GET THE FREAKY ONES!! (*^.^*)
LV 1lexilurve117(6 years ago)
the pop ups scared me
LV 3twinstercynthia(6 years ago)
it said it liked me!!!!!!!!
LV 3portashoota45(6 years ago)
my spirit said it was a female,gay and a pervert!lol,and it knew were i lived im scared and i asked it wats ur name and it said "henry" thats my cat!
LV 1CLOSED_ACCOUNT(10 years ago)
i am scared lol really stupid game
LV 1saphie5236(6 years ago)
me: are you a girl? spirit:no me: are you a boy? spirit: no me: are you a she.male? spirit: yes me: WTF?
LV 10Necomini(6 years ago)
this game is freaky because we just talked to my sister's uncle kevin
LV 1single(6 years ago)
me: whats you name? ghost: angry
LV 1jenniferleanne1(6 years ago)
i asked it "are you a nazi?" and it said yes o.o
LV 4zombiesniper115(6 years ago)
i asked who it waz it said ivan
LV 1CLOSED_ACCOUNT(6 years ago)