Anonymous Messages

Anonymous Messages is an first person horror escape game developed by Danar D. Kafyi
Anonymous Messages has been developed by Danar D. Kafyi, Mohammed M. Al-Dmour & Anmar M. Al-Obaidi
Explore the haunted forest in search for the lost tape recorders. Try to keep your heartbeat bellow 225 or you will die.
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Game Reviews

It's okay, I wasn't planning on sleeping tonight anyway...
LV 3_Midnight_Angel_(5 years ago)
ok i wont see trees the same way...ever
LV 1lelouch24(5 years ago)
i swear i seen alot of stuff in my life but that was: AWESOME!!
LV 1(5 years ago)
how can any body think this is scary. if u want a creepy game try playing eyes.
LV 1stoopidmonkey69(5 years ago)
Slender much?
LV 18Killjoy(5 years ago)
did get 5/6 messages then heartbeat rises to 225 game over is that all? O.o
LV 1Tuvstarr77(5 years ago)
doesn't seem too scary *starts playing* i almost fell off of my seat!
LV 9moterthemomo(5 years ago)
after this game deforestation doest semm to bad
LV 7darkreaper(5 years ago)
Okay, guys I'll be playing this with headphones I'm already scared xD so yea lets just see how this goes.
LV 3Winkersisalegend(5 years ago)
its a ok game but play eyes if you want a real fright
LV 1madgamer(5 years ago)