Alice is Dead Ep 2

Alice is Dead Ep 2 is an scary adventure game developed by ImpendingRiot
Alice is Dead Ep 2 has been developed by ImpendingRiot
The 2nd part of this disturbing yet mysterious adventure is finally here. Enjoy!
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Game Reviews

1 Rip bed sheet by clicking on it. 2 Take peice of cracked mirror and put it with cloth to make a knife! 3 Flush toilet and take small nut in it when you flush! 4 Go and speek to the Mad Hatter by clicking him! 5 Move around till you find a dead body. 6 Click on all the posters around him including the X-ray of a key in a body! 7 Go speak to the mad hatter he will tell you to cut him open and use the nut to shrink into him! 8 Cut open lewish and get the nut then click on the cut you made in Lewis! 9 Poke around in his stomach till it says there is a soft part! 10 Cut the soft part and a snake will come out stab the snakes head and wait for about 15 seconds then noises will come. 11 Leave the jail cell through open door! 12 Go into control room and enter "March" into it then write "Open Safe" then look around till you find a safe it should be open take whats inside it! 13 go to a painting and keep pressing buttons till his head is a chicken, his chest is a heart and his hand has a nickle *Penny* falling out of it! go through the door! 14 press the button outside and thats the end! I hope you enjoyed this! please rate it.
LV 3TheGhost(5 years ago)
1. click on the bed many times and you find a ripped sheet 2. Click on the mirror 3.mix the the ripped sheet with the glass 4.flush the toilet and grab the nut quickly 5. go to where the mermaid is on the ground and click the all the Ex rays photo's 6. talk to hatter and choose what ever saying until the end 7. talk to him again and tell him you have the nut with you and lewis has the key in his stomach
LV 1(5 years ago)
LV 1(5 years ago)
So heres the story, Your the white Rabbit, your a hit man or assassin, you were trying to kill the red queen because she is evil, so she sends alice to kill you, you lose your memory and go through the first game finding out your the rabbit, then your taken here to Wonderland jail, someone kills the gaurds and Mad Hatter is one of your friends who helps you in the Assassin business, you escape jail and go to find the queen. The queen was made what he is because he touched a radio active cat and it made him the freak he is. You go looking for him and he kills you at the end of game 3. You go, out with a ding.
LV 1QU35T(4 years ago)
I entered the proper password and everything yet the safe didnt unlock did I do it wrong?
LV 1AdrianNilla(4 years ago)
i dont understand what to do in the safe
LV 4rawkstarz(4 years ago)
Alice is Dead 1.2.3 is good games!
LV 1(6 years ago)
Yes finally a sequel! WOOHOO!! :D 5/5
LV 4Secret_Agent_Z(6 years ago)
wooooo thats was intense like i can't belive that the mad hatter would do that >.>
LV 5Bananaking987(6 years ago)
Well, we had hoped the idiots on this website would at least like this classic, but I guess not. This game is a wonderful addition to the Scary genre.
LV 1SusanandShawn(6 years ago)