Afraid of Dark

Afraid of Dark is an Five Nights at Freddy's type of game with quite of good jumpscare and creepy atmosphere developed by Daniel Vasquez
Afraid of Dark has been developed by Daniel Vasquez
Do you have what it takes to survive three nights of horror in your dark little room? Move your mouse to the sides to explore the room. You have a phone, a flashlight and a camera. Use them to deny the monsters trying to get in your room.
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Game Reviews

Pretty good game, kinda like FNAF
LV 3LittleMissBlevy(4 years ago)
i got seriously jumpscare in there.
LV 1TECHNOBOYSZ(4 years ago)
I am NOT a horror type person.. But I really enjoyed playing this one. It does remind me of 5 Nights a Freddie's. I recorded a video of me playing this game and uploaded it to my Youtube Channel.. and yes.. you will hear me scream. lol I plan to play this game again soon. My Youtube is SyicoGamer if anyone is interested in watching that video. Great game! I would say its Syico Approved! :P
LV 1SyicoGamer(4 years ago)
Sweet babies i just peed myself
LV 4alisonlolz(4 years ago)
this is a pretty cool game
LV 1TonerBros(3 years ago)
i think this game might be a bit harder than fnaf because you only have a little time for reaction or you're dead
LV 7GeeWay(4 years ago)
Awesome game and afraid of the dark, no way sir I don't afraid of the dark. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! who turned off all the lights
LV 8MadSaveges1000(4 years ago)
this actually scared me for a low res game so a thumbs up to the creator in my book
LV 1mjj48(4 years ago)
Way, interesting :)
LV 10003333(4 years ago)
this would be a good first horror game for those who aren't used to jumpscares. it's simple, I like it, and that dour piano at the menu screen is nice to listen to.
LV 1CLOSED_ACCOUNT(4 years ago)
Oh my glob, the window monster.
LV 3BerthieGamer(3 years ago)
So good! I wasn't expecting much, but wow! Great game! The jumpscare was horrifying!
LV 4princessammira(3 years ago)
I really like this game, FNaF style, only three nights and starting from 3 AM is also good. I uploaded a video of this game, and i surprisingly passed the first night which i don't think any let's player did. If you wanna see my victory, my YouTube channel is ThatBoyHM. Hope you enjoy!
LV 1ThatBoyHM(2 years ago)
i think it's a game for kids . :3
LV 1nadamhmd(1 year ago)