Scary Games

Play 'Bewilder House', a scary first person puzzle game with challenging puzzles and creepy atmosphere developed by Marine Dunstetter

by Marine Dunstetter

Find a way to escape a deceptive funhouse filled with mind-puzzling mazes. Use the special map an...
4.53download required
Play 'Foreign Creature 2', a creepy puzzle developed by Belugerin Studios. This game features badges.

by Belugerin Studios

Here comes the second chapter of the Foreign Creature series. Play the role of a blood-thirsty al...
4.52badges enabled(4)
Play 'Hotel 626', a interactive horror game developed by Snack Strong Productions

by Snack Strong Productions

If you're brave enough, your room is ready... The game is available to play between the hours of ...
Play 'Dark Soul: Path of Awakening', a awesome horror shooting game with killing monsters and lots of blood developed by Vempire Tales

by Vempire Tales

Ready for a journey to Hell and back? Grab your guns and let's go! Prepare to go through endless ...
Play 'Slenderman Must Die: Chapter 2', a slenderman game inspired from dead space developed by Poison Games

by Poison Games

The year 24966. Your spaceship ran out of energy, You had to dock on an abandoned space station t...
4.49Mozilla Firefox only
Play 'Catharsis', a psychedelic 3d horror game developed by Nirvan Filip

by Nirvan Filip

Jump into psychedelic nightmare world, where main character have to find memory rooms, fix his si...
4.49Mozilla Firefox only
Play 'Free Icecream', a creepy puzzle developed by Groep

by Groep

You, a little girl, end up in a creepy cellar after being promised free ice cream. Escape from t...
Play 'Amea', a horror hack and slash game developed by Godlimations

by Godlimations

A nicely illustrated horror adventure RPG game with an intriguing storyline, loads of weapons and...
Play 'SlenderSpace', a a combination between two highly recommend scary video games, Slender-man and Dead Space developed by Ricky Murray

by Ricky Murray

SlenderSpace is a combination between two of the most scariest video games, SlenderMan and Dead S...
4.48Mozilla Firefox only
Play 'Insanity', a 3d indie horror adventure game with jumpscares developed by Simperson Cruz

by Simperson Cruz

Five years have passed since the death of my wife. Five years have passed since the day that my l...
4.48download required
Play 'Death Proclaimed 2: Valerie's Letter', a the third part of the popular rpg horror game, Death Proclaimed developed by Jake Springhorn

by Jake Springhorn

Valerie, you are trapped - contained by him. But that does not have to be the case any longer. Th...
4.47download required
Play 'Slendytubbies 3: Campaign Demo', a 3d horror game inspired from the popular slenderman game series developed by Sean Toman

by Sean Toman

Slendytubbies 3 is the next installment to the Slendytubbies Series. In this campaign demo you ad...
4.47Mozilla Firefox only
Play 'Dead Lab', a survival zombie game developed by Salokin Games

by Salokin Games

Find a way to escape from the Dead Lab! Zombies and other monsters can be around every corner, so...
4.47Mozilla Firefox only
Play 'Killer Escape', a scary point and click adventure game with creepy atmosphere developed by Psionic

by Psionic

If anyone finds this message please make sure he suffers like he has made us suffer! We have trie...
Play 'Little Phobia', a horror platformer with puzzles and good scares developed by Deqaf Studio

by Deqaf Studio

Help the boy overcome his phobia while he sets out on an adventurous journey. He has to overcome ...
Play 'Quake 1' developed by ID Software

by ID Software

Here comes the flash version of one of the once most popular first-person shooter video game. Qua...
Play 'Babysitter Bloodbath', a terrifying retro horror survival game developed by Pigfarmer Games

by Pigfarmer Games

An highly recommended horror survival game inspired from 80's slasher flicks. A simple night of b...
4.45download required
Play 'Deep Sleep', a creepy point and click adventure game with creepy atmosphere and clever puzzles developed by ScriptWelder. This game features badges.

by ScriptWelder

You find yourself trapped in a nightmare and someone else is watching your from the dark. Search ...
4.45badges enabled(2)