Scary Games

Play 'Haunt: The Real Slender', a independed adventure/horror game project inspired by Parsec Productions Slender: The Eight Pages developed by ParanormalDev Team

by ParanormalDev Team

What would you do if you woke up in a place you have never seen before?
4.65download required
Play '7 Days', a an 3d horror adventure game free to download. The game is windows compatible and features great atmo developed by Adriano Tumminelli

by Adriano Tumminelli

A first person psychological horror game about surviving in an haunted house. Can you survive 7 d...
4.64download required
Play 'Deeper Sleep', a scary point and click adventure game with creepy game-play and storyline developed by ScriptWelder. This game features badges.

by ScriptWelder

The sequel to Deep Sleep, a horror point'n'click adventure you should not miss. The nightmare ret...
4.64badges enabled(4)
Play 'The Deepest Sleep', a scary point and click pixel game developed by ScriptWelder. This game features badges.

by ScriptWelder

The last part of the Deep Sleep trilogy. You reached at the final depth so get ready to experienc...
4.64badges enabled(3)
Play 'Slendytubbies', a a remake of the popular 3d horror game, Slenderman developed by Sean Toman

by Sean Toman

Slendytubbies is a re-make of the popular indie game Slender. The objective is to collect all 10 ...
4.63Mozilla Firefox only
Play 'The Last Door: Chapter 1', a the first chapter of the popular adventure point and click game, The Last Door developed by theGameKitchen. This game features badges.

by theGameKitchen

My life is on a course that I can't escape from. It's too late for me now. I just hope you could ...
4.63badges enabled(1)
Play 'I'm Scared', a claustrophobic 3d escape game with a creepy atmosphere developed by Ivan Zanotti

by Ivan Zanotti

Pack a fresh pair of underpants and be ready for some heart pumping experience. A first person ps...
4.60download required
Play 'Undead Isle: Chapter 1', a first person shooter game with zombies developed by MartianGames

by MartianGames

First person survival horror game taking place on a mysterious island whose inhabitants turned in...
4.60Mozilla Firefox only
Play 'Killing Moon', a isometric point and click horror game developed by JoyMasher

by JoyMasher

A Halloween party turns into a horrific murder scene and it's up to you to find who is behind all...
Play 'Five Nights at Freddy's 1', a scary point and click pc game developed by Scott Cawthon

by Scott Cawthon

Help wanted at Freddy Fazbear's Pizza! Family pizzeria looking for security guard to work the nig...
4.59download required
Play 'The Visitor Returns', a creepy puzzle game developed by ClickShake Games

by ClickShake Games

The sequel to The Visitor, a popular point'n'click horror game you should not miss if you're into...
Play 'Paranoiac', a freeware 2d horror adventure game with very intense atmosphere and lots of jump-scares developed by Uri

by Uri

A true horror adventure game with creepy atmosphere and great storyline. The story fallows Miki T...
4.57download required
Play 'Schuld', a astonishing psychological horror adventure game with crazy plot twist developed by Kelven

by Kelven

Hear the story of Aaron a man who finds himself trapped in an hostile world filled with death and...
4.56download required
Play 'Doom 1' developed by id Software

by id Software

Here comes the good old Doom now in flash format. Explore the base and find out what happened to ...
Play 'Ascension', a psychological horror game with great gameplay and tons of monsters developed by Magnesium Ninja

by Magnesium Ninja

Ascension is a horror game with an emphasis on atmosphere and storytelling. For the best experien...
4.55download required
Play 'It Moves', a top down horror game based on a short story by Michael Whitehouse developed by SnowOwl

by SnowOwl

Bedtime is supposed to be a happy event for tired children; for me it was terrifying. While some ...
4.54download required
Play 'Black Rose', a 3d horror game inspired from the popular Slenderman game series developed by Jacob Ryle

by Jacob Ryle

You assume the role of Linda, an average girl who heard rumors about an old abandoned funeral hom...
4.54Mozilla Firefox only
Play 'Urbex', a creepy point and click adventure game developed by Psionic Games

by Psionic Games

Urbex is the exploration of old abandoned buildings and man-made structures. Sometimes this invol...