Fear Less

Fear Less is an run and bomp flash game developed by Greg Lane
Fear Less has been developed by Greg Lane, Anna Oliver & Tony McCoy
Help our heroine outrun the Death in this great run and bomb flash game. Grab the coins while running and use them to purchase better upgrades.
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Game Reviews

So cute and simple. cx
finally i beat the nightmare wooo
you can jump over the foxes and other animals if you jump twice
This game is adorable, I love the music, and it's addicting!! X3
Wasn't that bad of a game. I liked it. :3
its a very fun game. it should have badges though.
da music was awesome and i enjoyed it alot and the game tooo wired?
oddly addicting......
i'am so addicted to this games... man :3
Well now, I actually wasn't expecting the game to end like that, to all who wonder, in order to beat the game you must achieve all the badges in it and reach a certain distance once you have all the badges, I'm telling you this so you go for the badges instead of wasting a bunch of time running like I did :P
This game is awesome! It does have a ending point if you read Mellow's comment he tells you how to get it. I love the music and I think death is super adorable which is weird cause it's death but he's just so cute. It's challenging in a way but it's not to hard to get a gold medal once you get all the upgrades.
Does it have an ending point ?
will i beat the game you have to go around 559m then die to win right after you get all the medals then you win
nice music though... well.. slightly