One of You

One of You is an horror adventure game inspired from Unknown and VHM movies developed by ZeroDigitZ
One of You has been developed by ZeroDigitZ
A sickening video of a young teen being hanged in what appears to be a dungeon or cellar has gone viral across all social media platforms. Police are asking anyone who may have information about this video to call their local police department immediately. The game features 6 different endings.
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Game Reviews

Looked so cool, and even if i don't know what hte hell the purpose of it was, I'm just glad i got to play an rpg game that didnt need me to download it or play it on Internet Explorer!!
LV 4Ewood28623(8 months ago)
This game was beautifully made! Each scenario in turn thickens the plot, and for an RPG Maker game, it certainly has a feel all its own. Normally I would add what I was able to deduce from the game's events here, but honestly that would be an injustice to this game. It's really simple to play and it's not hard at all to progress, yet it doesn't feel as if the game is simply leading you by the nose to each objective, which is quite rare for these types of games as RPG Maker is widely accessible (not unlike Unity). I highly recommend playing this game.
LV 1LaurelEN(6 months ago)
These are always good.
LV 5Geminate(8 months ago)
#addtofav dude love pixel games //////do #addtofav if u like this game THUMBS UPPPPPP
LV 4dinogangexclusive(8 months ago)
"What's that smell, it's making me dizzy" IT'S THE SMELL OF HELL NO!
LV 1Failynn(8 months ago)
"What's that smell, it's making me dizzy" IT'S THE SMELL OF HELL NO! See! Tabatha knew what to do!
LV 1Failynn(8 months ago)
good story line
LV 1tarapurcell(5 months ago)
that was amazing good job with this
LV 1Sandybandy(8 months ago)
I finally got all endings I won't spoil it but damn it was hard to make choices because bad choices were actually good.
LV 2weirdoislonely(7 months ago)
I'm missing an ending for here Probably two. and i don't know how to enter the computer in the fathers room.
LV 1KenzieAce(6 months ago)