A moonless night

A moonless night is an rpg-horror adventure game with a compelling story developed by Pixel Patissier
A moonless night has been developed by Pixel Patissier
A short psychological rpg-adventure game with great story-line and horror elements that tells the story of two girls - Chloe and her sister Emma - who were forced to move to a new house after their parents died.
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Game Reviews

Meh. Was very short, and didn't make a whole lot of sense. Not terrible, but not really good either.
It has My name in it, But chloe is the one that looks closest like me, lol
A good game but this modified version I don't like as much. Very interesting and understandable ending.
Has potential!
Not bad, though the ending was pretty predictable in me opinion. The game was rather short, but enjoyable. Do recommend it.
The story line was wonky, like this was meant to be a demo. Though, I enjoyed playing it.
Too short for my liking. There wasn't much story line, and it could have been better if it was longer. Not bad, but not that good either.
Don't keep talking to the guy with blonde hair, he says "stay with me forever." and you can't move...
what should I do after read the diary?
I really liked it but it made me sad when she jumped! <3 Really good!