Rogue Legend: Tame the Wild

Rogue Legend: Tame the Wild is an exploration game with minecraft gameplay developed by Lance Knifeh
Rogue Legend: Tame the Wild has been developed by Lance Knifehand
An addictive rpg game inspired from the popular video game, Minecraft. Your village has been destroyed by some evil forces and you are the only one who survived. Now, you find yourself alone in the middle of nowhere with nothing but a wooden sword, a axe and a flimsy hammer. Would you help our farmer boy survive on it's own? Remember...he has needs hunger, thirst, fatigue, sickness that you need to manage by either scavenging in the wilderness or growing supplies.
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Game Reviews

I Love how it's Harvest Moon mixed with a little Minecraft Idea!
LV 2Chibs(3 years ago)
Love this game! This game is awesome, love the mincraft feel to it and feel like it's style of art
LV 8SteelwingedAngel(3 years ago)
love this game
LV 3Umbra(3 years ago)
I like it but..... i keep getting ill, stressed, and hungry way too easy. but other wise than that, i love this game
LV 4Wolfthorn(3 years ago)
Superb game and awesome too
LV 8MadSaveges1000(3 years ago)
wow ! <3
LV 1AKCaster(3 years ago)
Very good game, became a packer for the kickstarter :D
LV 7GOAWAY(3 years ago)
I don't usually like farming related games but I love this and Minecraft.
LV 3EMOunknown(2 years ago)
Word of advise, make a canteen (SEVERAL!) before your first Winter. However, unfortunately, you need to make other items first in this order to craft one: an anvil, tinker table, then canteen. You can find Iron Copper, and Titanium Ore when you hammer through cliffs.
LV 3EMOunknown(2 years ago)
It's great!!<3 I've been playing it for a couple days now. I wish I didn't get stressed out at night but besides that I love it! It's kinda like a 2D Minecraft.
LV 3800bhat(2 years ago)