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- spoiler - this is an in-game feature only to be used if you are stuck/cannot finish a certain level. again, you should not use this option if you're planning to finish the game legitimately. otherwise this will ruin your gaming experience. to unlock this feature, press Ctrl + shift + enter this will unlock the debug menu. to use this, press space in the game and select "debug", there you can find anything you'll need. -this is a word from the developer himself (aaron steed)
LV 20rick_02(4 years ago)
i love this game, probably one of my favorite rouge-like game. always mad when the chest in the overworld has the fez in it though but other than that great game
LV 3kalebself(10 months ago)
1st comment games like these need badges and highscores
LV 14NIKO(4 years ago)