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addicting game indead. try pulling me from the computer ill bite!!!!
i want vote plz plz plz vote me
abey yaar!!!!!! addicted 2 this game!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! pagla gaye!!!!!!!!!!
the controls keep freezing up....not very fun
it's a nice game ....i like it :)
i like the techno music it is a nice game
the guy is cute
This is an awesome game. Lol. It's very easy to play. :3
I just understood the story of the game. Anna (the ghost) tries to lure the guy you are playing through this maze with deadly traps to kill him, so she isn't the only ghost there. :D
vote in vietnames
Finally 1st top :D
This game S*ucks
Worst game ever i gave it 1 star and thats me being nice, luckly there is no negative