You Find Yourself In A Room

You Find Yourself In A Room, a freeware game developed by Eli Piilonen
You Find Yourself In A Room has been developed by Eli Piilonen & David Carney
An original text based adventure game made by Eli Piilonen. Use your keyboard to enter commands. Use your brain to demonstrate that you’re more existentially valuable than a robot with skin.
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Game Reviews

Heh I just kept insulting the game. The game tells me to pick a number and I just said "your momma"
LV 4Secret_Agent_Z(7 years ago)
my first text based game...found it pretty interesting...add me please! I'm new around here :D
LV 8eufora(7 years ago)
Cant even get outta the first damn room... someone help.;3
LV 1(7 years ago)
what is the combination for the keypad?
LV 4girly(7 years ago)
the number changes every time
LV 6AddisonLee(6 years ago)
If you'd like a visual aid in completing this game, I've got a video walkthrough right here: goo.gl/zJYd6e It takes less than 3 minutes.
LV 1(4 years ago)
the code is 1904 jus subtract 85 from 1989
LV 8blaze1232(7 years ago)
No, did get thru... Still frustratin wehn u have 2 type evrythin 50x so the game gets it... like talkin 2 a really stupid insultin person...
LV 4sybilisation2011(7 years ago)
Ya I beat it
LV 7Prixie123(7 years ago)
the guesing game he makes you do the number is 84913
LV 8blaze1232(7 years ago)