The I of It

The I of It, a freeware game developed by GameShot
The I of It has been developed by GameShot
You play as the letter I in this unique platform puzzler. You cannot jump, but you've got one very helpful skill: You are able to enlarge and shrink!
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Game Reviews

hit me baby one more time lolz
thumbs up if u stink at this game u missed so many times tht the guy said hit me baby one more time he he XP
what a cute game! love itt! =)
Hit me!..baby one more time. xDD
i agree with girl303 (below me, jul 29 2011), the maze is hard
Pretty kool yet Weird game C:
Hard, but fun, none-the-less! Luv it, my bro beat it. And he's only 8, half my age
Sooooo funny, lol!!
this game is really adorable, in a weird way.
wow super game man wow i like it man this will rock it man
Who else wants to kill the kindergarden teacher and wtf! "I said ouch and DIED!!!" lmfao
Hack the moving platform!
the plot to this game is stupid
Very Original I Like It