Symon, a freeware game developed by GambitLab
Symon has been developed by GambitLab & zzzGames
Symon is a puzzle game that tells the story of a bedridden hospital patient who sorely misses his home and family. The only thing he can do is to sleep and dream, which leads him to a place inside his imagination that is populated by a cast of unusual characters to meet and run errands for.
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Game Reviews

Irritating! The game loops endlessly through three different scenarios, each time re-shuffling the same set of variable tasks. I played 6 rounds before I realized that there was no end. It's fun, but if you're going to tell a story, provide a damned ending.
1st.the game was...........? be Continued lol
its look like good for puzzle
i am 5th or 3rd i think
it take a time 2 load ..hii silent how r u ??
X_X beat it...
i am fine cute_girl how r u?^_^
am good ^_^ where were u ??long time
blahhh i dont get this xD
Symon seems to have no ending. There are three sets of puzzles to solve, they can present differently each time you dream. Once each of three pictures appear on the wall of the hospital room, the game is completed. The clock on the wall of the hospital room mimics your computer system clock. Interesting game but needs to have a real ending.
i giving 2 of 5 #_#
It is beautiful and thoughtful. this game is gorgeous.4/5 for lack of ending. this was gorgeous
music is incredible! LOVEIT
it's a really cool and thoughtful game, and i really like!!<3<3