Sleepin' Stones is an challenging board flash game developed by Emil de Graaf
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Game Reviews

*looks at title* -sleepin' stones- *looks at game* -steppin' stones-, uh what?
LV 13Rammy(5 years ago)
mind = blown
LV 5BlazingGids(5 years ago)
i think most understimate this game ; it's a very nice logic challenge.... most just don't know how to use their brains -___- "
LV 3LadyMadame(5 years ago)
Erase my progress? But I beat it, why would I erase it and do it again? x3
LV 1(5 years ago)
i dont think that the stones were sleeping at all
LV 3Resmond(4 years ago)
that was too easy o-o yes i said easy if you think about where your going and do the math it's real easy to figure out
LV 7AnotherGirlGamer(4 years ago)
i think....i just wasted fifteen minutes of my life -_-
LV 5riddlegirl009(5 years ago)
such a borrrrrrinnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnng game
LV 3varsharox(5 years ago)