Sleepin' Stones

Sleepin' Stones is an challenging board flash game developed by Emil de Graaf
Sleepin' Stones has been developed by Emil de Graaf
Try to place one of the stones in the outlined zone, by stepping stones over other stones. The number on the stones is the amount of other stones that will be placed in the direction you choose. Click a stone you want to use and drag your mouse over one of the arrows, then release.
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Game Reviews

*looks at title* -sleepin' stones- *looks at game* -steppin' stones-, uh what?
i think most understimate this game ; it's a very nice logic challenge.... most just don't know how to use their brains -___- "
Erase my progress? But I beat it, why would I erase it and do it again? x3
i dont think that the stones were sleeping at all
that was too easy o-o yes i said easy if you think about where your going and do the math it's real easy to figure out
i think....i just wasted fifteen minutes of my life -_-
such a borrrrrrinnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnng game