RoboSockets is an casual puzzle game (bejeweled-type) developed by TatemGames
RoboSockets has been developed by TatemGames
Build connections between broken robots to create chains of five or more. Each cleared chain fills up you energy needed to restore the planet's functionality and revive the RoboCivilization which lies in ruins left without electricity by a short circuit.
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Game Reviews

it ok
LV 3dookieice(6 years ago)
i like old school tetris more.. however, somewhat this is also good coz it made other way so u should think some strategy
LV 5RockMyDude(6 years ago)
It's a bejeweled-type game with a few tweaks. Definitely worth my time :D
LV 5cacaman(6 years ago)
it is good
LV 3sweetypie1233(5 years ago)
some better
LV 9saisunny1230(6 years ago)
not bad at all if you like tetrix..
LV 8BourbonRose(6 years ago)
Verry good tetris!!!
LV 7kisho(6 years ago)
Its a fun game. Could be better.
LV 4MsSmilesAlot049(5 years ago)
LV 1(6 years ago)
Hey dudes,this game is total fake and also copied version of tetrix in a worse manner.Please like the comment if true.
LV 4sidharthsivas(6 years ago)