Rizzoli and Isles: The Boston Butcher

Rizzoli and Isles: The Boston Butcher is an detective point and click game developed by PastelGames
Rizzoli and Isles: The Boston Butcher has been developed by PastelGames
Detective, there's been a murder at the docks. Make sure you talk to the officers at the crime scene. There are many clues to be found and several people to interview. Do your job!
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Game Reviews

nice:) I like the 'story' in this game and the art is just beautiful. not the best game but you should even try :)) (add me if you like)
LV 5scenebow(6 years ago)
An ideal game for those of us who like point & click/mystery -kind of games :)
LV 8Gry1(5 years ago)
very nice game,,,i realy like
LV 10saadia(5 years ago)
i loved it but the first couple of times i got stuck. then i went back and found the tiny thing i had missed, i forgot to check the archives for fingerprints LOL! :)
LV 4NARWAL79(6 years ago)
I can't find the other clue around the equipment. I found the blood and crowbar .-.
LV 1elli_193(6 years ago)
Love it <3
LV 8ChippyR(6 years ago)
Interesting story line I suppose. But I found it way too easy. I guess it is because I play a lot of hidden search games lol.
LV 5TwiztidChick(6 years ago)
I Love Rizzoli & Isles ut Oh Gosh that game is hard !
LV 9LanaDelRey(5 years ago)
good game
LV 1katerina1970(5 years ago)
its cool game i finished it lolZZZ
LV 9saisunny1230(6 years ago)