Renga Samurai

Renga Samurai is an challenging shape cutter game developed by Josh Tam
Renga Samurai has been developed by Josh Tam
Slice the bricks into pieces that can fit inside a certain shape. Use your katana and slice the brick so it will fit the given shape. Once you are done click SUBMIT to pass the level. Complete all levels and become one of the greatest samurai ever!
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Game Reviews

stupid game :(
LV 5Princess0Nour(5 years ago)
im not a samurai
LV 1Manson(5 years ago)
3rd narvasa
LV 2Kryton(5 years ago)
FIRST COMMENT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! lol
LV 6thomasgabriel(5 years ago)
nice!!!! i'm 2nd persons thomas..
LV 9juni(5 years ago)