Pigs will Fly

Pigs will Fly is an time-traveling multi-cursor puzzle game developed by Elliot Pace
Pigs will Fly has been developed by Elliot Pace
The goal is to get the pig to the rainbow potion bottle. Select up to six colored potion bottles to move boxes and pop balloons of the same color. Pigs can only be dragged by selecting the pink potion. Have fun!

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Game Reviews

this game is a peice of crap
LV 7siren77(6 years ago)
this game is dumb
LV 1JujuandKK(6 years ago)
this game is awesome,fun,and not to mention adorable so all of you haters can just stick that in your juice box and su.ck it!
LV 5riddlegirl009(5 years ago)
omg if so fun to play
LV 1yadira545316(5 years ago)
very well made, fun to play, and totally cute so you haters just mind your own business this game probably took a long time for the creator to make!
LV 1TheYoutuber(3 years ago)
LV 12nightsblood(1 year ago)